Creating a 90 Day Email Marketing Plan

Let's create a 90 day plan for email marketing to leverage these resources in order to get the most out of our digital marketing efforts, because email marketing is where many times you'll see the biggest return on investment. If you're not doing email marketing, you're missing out on converting your potential customers. Let's not miss out on the opportunity!

email marketing

What does it look like to make a quarterly plan for your email campaign?

If you are considering starting an email marketing campaign, I think the mindset shift that has to happen is that you don't need to email every day. We have 90 days in the quarter, but that doesn't mean that you have to email every day. What that means is that you want to sit down and brainstorm what 12 emails could look like.

You may think you don't have 12 different topics to write about for your email newsletters, well, just cut that number in half. You can email every other week or once a month. You don't have to email 12 times in order for you to leverage email marketing for the quarter.

  • My suggestion is to choose whichever time frame - pick one and stick with it! The biggest benefit of email marketing is that every email marketing software allows you to draft and schedule in advance.

However, you can't do email without an email marketing software. If you're emailing right now and you're not using an email marketing software, you're breaking somebody's law, somewhere. It is impossible to do a legal email, to any group of people, whether they have subscribed to you or not without using email software.

To successfully accomplish this for an entire quarter, you need to create a format for yourself.  You need to decide that every email is going to have, for example, three elements - what you have going on this week, what's coming up this month or some salient bit of information for your industry.

Example would be if your business has many team members, you could highlight a different team member each email. This way, those who read your email will be learning something about your organization.  If you have a product based business, you could highlight different products -  just choose these elements in advance and stick with that format.


What ends up happening is that we feel we have to be spontaneous or creative.  Creativity is great but not necessarily in your email marketing, right now. I want you to be regimented, disciplined as you learn and master this process - you want to give yourself a foundation to stand on.

So create some sort of template for yourself that you're going to do every time you write this email. What do you want it to look like? So that every time you go to draft an email, it has these three elements in there.

Now the next thing to focus on is what is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish over those 90 days? How can my potential customers help me reach that goal?

We need to be thinking, how can our potential and current customers help us get to where we're trying to go. Think more strategically when crafting your emails, they will be more impactful, but we have to be thinking about what we want to accomplish.

Then let our customers know what they need to do and how to participate with us on this journey. We're almost in a relationship with the customer. We need to let them know what we need from them - they will have no idea what to do to help you achieve these goals. So by using email marketing, this is a really great place to start.

By using an email marketing software like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you will be able to craft your emails in advance and then schedule them out. You will have emails going out into the world and you can move on with your life and run your business because you drafted them in advance.

Lastly, if you know that you're going to have weekly spontaneous things, like a weekly sale, or promotion that you might not know what it's going to be, you can set a reminder on your calendar to edit the email once you know what the promotion will be.  

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