Creating a 90 Day Social Media Plan


So what does a smart social media plan look like for your small business for the next 90 days?  Let’s walk through a few suggestions that will help fill your social media calendar for 90 days.  

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Calendar events - take a look at the calendar and see what you have scheduled for your small business.  But not only that, look at holidays that will be impactful on your business.  For instance, Black History Month takes place in February, same time every year.  If you think that aligns with your business and your products or services, go ahead and create posts around that.  Also, take a look at other funny holidays such as Squirrel Appreciation Day, and see if you can leverage your social media posts around those days.  So looking at calendar events, first, provides a good baseline to start with.

Weekly post - you should have at least one post per week going out that tells your audience how to engage with your business.  People may be following you on social media and don’t actually know what your small business does!   Tell your audience about your new hours, location or new programs being offered will put you at top of mind.  Then let them know how to engage with you - have a call to action at the end of the post - a reason to buy your product, register for class or subscribe to your list.  

Promotions or offers - add any promotions or offers to your calendar that you know will be happening.  If you are launching a new product line or offering new classes or workshops, plan your posts around those upcoming dates.  

Once you have a calendar view of the next 90 days, schedule out your social media posts.  Now, don't try to spontaneously send out your posts. There is no additional value in not scheduling your social media posts. Everyone talks about the algorithm liking it better when you randomly post.  Not true!  There is no social media platform that confirms this.  So make sure you plan ahead and schedule your posts and get on with running your business!

If you incorporate calendar events and holidays, posting once a week with engaging calls to action, and adding in promotions/offers, you will have a nice, robust mix of social media posts on your calendar.   Let’s get started looking at the next 90 days!

Do you want more advice on how to craft your messaging on social media?  We've got an article that takes a deeper look at creating a great branding message.  What's Holding Your Small Business Back - A Quick Look Into Your Business Brand