About Predictable Results Marketing

Building a brand is about cultivating a consistent message that resonates with your audience and helps them to know, like and trust your business. At PRM, we understand that, so we've designed all of our workshops, guides, programs and masterclasses to help you do just that. 

Our founder, Lindsay Sims was born to be an educator.  She has always wanted to do more than simply help one small business at a time build their brand - she wanted to be able to help all of the micro businesses, solopreneurs, side hustlers, and neighborhood gems grow themselves into the brands that they want to be. With that passion, she took all of the lessons that she'd learned through a decade of running a digital agency and consultancy and poured it into the business you see now. 

Predictable Results Marketing was founded on the principle that digital marketing can transform small businesses into brands and that small businesses can get predictable results from digital marketing to grow their brands into big businesses. We don’t teach you how to chase the latest trends, because all that will do is leave you exhausted and broke.

Through the consistent application of the PRM Brand Workflow with our agency and consulting clients we've proven that these solid marketing principles work and we're now offering our strategies to you at prices that any small business can afford. 

Our mission is to change the landscape of small business growth - to help all of us build a solid foundation - a solid brand, so that we can all reap the financial benefits of the businesses we've created. We accomplish our goal through teaching you the tried and true principles and repeatable processes that are the foundation of a great digital marketing strategy. 

We want to join you on your journey to building the brand of your dreams. Explore our workshops, guides, programs and masterclasses to see which one is right for you right now. If you want to hear directly from Lindsay about applying these foundational principles, check out Marketing Mondays or any of her free Grow with Google Workshops. 

Together, we're going to build the brands that are going to change the world!

About Lindsay Sims

Lindsay has over 20 years of experience in instruction and instructional design and has been specializing in digital marketing implementation, instruction, training and consulting for the past 10 years.

Her most recent educational adventure is becoming the Grow with Google Digital Coach for Cleveland, which means that she gets to host live courses on a variety of Grow with Google topics for small business owners across the region.

As an OMCP Certified Trainer, Lindsay is certified to train digital marketers across the entire field of digital marketing. Through her certification training and instruction at Tri-C, Lindsay has helped nearly 100% of all certification seeking students attain at least 1 digital marketing certification - and in fact, her students average 3 certifications earned during her training programs.

She founded the first version of this company in 2009 after winning a business plan competition with the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club. Over the years the company has changed and grown into the education focused organization that it is today.

She and the company have been featured in Crain's Cleveland Business, The Atlantic, Cleveland Magazine, Fresh Water Cleveland, and she was on the cover of Smart Business Cleveland in 2014 featuring Women Who Excel. Prior to starting her company in 2011, she was working as Communications Associate through AmeriCorp Vista here in Northeast Ohio. 

Lindsay Sims has worked with some of the largest and most influential companies in Northeast Ohio, including Geis Companies, Evergreen Cooperative Corporation, Hy-Ko Products, The Construction Employers Association, and Redwood Living. In addition to her client work, she's also developed training programs and workshops for the Small Business Development Center at LCCC, The Entrepreneurship Center at Lakeland Community College, The Urban League of Lorain County and Jumpstart Inc. Lindsay is also an instructor and training consultant with the IT Center of Excellence and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program both divisions of Cuyahoga Community College.

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