Small Business Brand Audit

The Small Business Brand Audit helps you discover where your business is on the path to becoming a brand.  

Losing sight of the big picture is the constant struggle of small business. But this doesn’t HAVE to be so hard. You can keep a handle on your brand through this audit. 

This FREE Brand Audit brings clarity by helping you:

  • identify your customer’s perspective 
  • position your brand in a competitive market
  • get aligned through mapping your customer's motivations

The newly updated Small Business Brand Audit does this by asking the right questions and prompting you to dive deeper than basic vanity metrics to see what’s lying underneath. We help you determine where you are so that you might be able to figure out which direction to go next. 

After purchase, be on the lookout for the confirmation email containing access to your Small Business Brand Audit. 

If you need further help with growing your business into a brand, we offer 1:1 sessions to help you stay in alignment with your brand as you grow your business.

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